Appealing a Denied Request

Evaluation Systems will notify examinees of the determination made with regard to their requests for alternative testing arrangements. You may appeal the denial of some or all of your requests for alternative testing arrangements. Before you submit your appeal, it is suggested that you review the information on this website about alternative testing arrangements, including the documentation requirements for different types of alternative testing arrangements requests.

If after reviewing this information you still wish to proceed with an appeal of the decision, you may do so by submitting your appeal, in writing, to Evaluation Systems.

The appeal should include the following information:

  • Your name, address, and the last five digits of your social security number
  • The date of the appeal
  • Any documentation, in addition to the documentation that you submitted with your Alternative Testing Arrangements Request Form, that supports your alternative testing arrangements requests
  • A brief summary of the reasons why your alternative testing arrangements requests should be granted
  • Your signature

Your appeal should be submitted as soon as possible. If you schedule your test date before the appeal is resolved and the appeal is later granted, you will be scheduled for a test appointment without your approved alternative testing arrangements.

After your appeal is reviewed, you will be notified as to whether your appeal has been granted or denied. All appeal determinations are final.